Design and develop a case to protect and carry the digital Auria Sound Processor. We needed to answer the question, What will the newly-designed case do for the user when they put their sound processor away for the night?


Design development in collaboration with Advanced Bionics, IDEO and Peerless took place. During the course of the project, it was determined that drying out the digital processor was a huge hit with the users.


Through design development and prototyping, we were able to demonstrate a modular design enabling Advanced Bionics to offer a product to which they could make cost-effective updates. These updates will include processor design changes, as well as incorporating a dry aid desiccant to absorb moisture.


A unique blend of design and use of materials. Rubber over molded-outer shell creates a unique look, as well as being impact and moisture resistant. Inside, is an Ultem insert part that can be heated in the oven to remove moisture from desiccant.