To simplify EEG monitoring in ICU and CCU hospital environments was the primary goal set for this program. Any newly-developed EEG monitoring system would then move to clinical trials for validation.


Capture on-scene user research data enabling the development of an unique IV pole based EEG monitor. Design, engineer and validate designs through multiple prototypes in-house. The prototypes were utilized in clinical trials at a series of hospitals across the country.


In conjunction with industrial design, a graphical user interface was developed for touch screen navigation. This monitoring system works with a wireless remote system that collects the EEG data directly from the patient and transmits to the pole-based monitor.


Interaction design is one of the many disciplines where our specialized talent was key to the success of the product. The I Biomed program is a unique design opportunity where physical industrial design and GUI are merged, forming the ultimate design solution for end-user experience.