From Storyboard, to Final Animation – Here is an in-depth look at Pulse’s animation process.


The Idea

Here at Pulse, we work with clients whose products need a little animation magic to showcase their functionality. Our team can create custom animations both highlighting, and explaining your product in detail. Through dynamic movement we can really showcase a new product while holding the audiences attention. Pulse worked with AMX on two animations that did just that, clearly explained their products’ functionality while letting their designs shine. This was achieved using a unique white “toon” background, highlighting their products and drawing no attention away with background visuals.

We began our process with a comprehensive storyboard developed in partnership with our client, to make sure their vision was encapsulated. With AMX, Pulse worked to make sure we had a clear understanding of both the product’s functionality, applications, and planned aesthetic. This storyboarding process is essential to ensure everyone is on the same page before delving into the building of the animation itself. The storyboard is meant to depict key notes to hit throughout the animation.






Support CAD

Often in our process the vision calls for additional CAD assets to help tell the story of a product. Pulse tells this story through the creation of custom support CAD files and perfecting any existing CAD for the ideal rendered result. Be it a room full of appropriate furniture, to show environment and scale, or a whole orchard of trees to explain functionality…Pulse can build it.


Our animation work is done by tailoring the exact methods required, KeyShot, Blender, etc. Using our advanced rendering capacities we can create animations that illustrate your product’s functionality, assembly, or simply its beautiful aesthetic. Materials, lighting, and environments are adjusted to create the appropriate look and feel. Dynamic camera angles and movements create content that would be nearly impossible to capture in a real-world studio setting. Our animations can create worlds and scenes too large, complex, or expensive to ever film live with post effects. The sky is the limit!


After the video is rendered out, in whatever resolution our clients require, the animation is then passed on to our post-production editing team. This is where the final product really comes together! Final touches such as pacing adjustments, titles, overlay graphics, voice-over, and music are applied to elevate the animation as a whole. These edits can further drive home the educational aspect of animations, better explaining the product’s functionality, through not just visuals, but pixel-perfect graphics as well.

AMX Varia Panel – Final Animation

Aimed to show the industry how the new Varia Panel lives and functions in its various environments, this video also dynamically illustrates the panel’s different mounting capabilities and uses. Designed to be shared with the international market, this video needed to clearly explain the product’s functionality with little to no explanatory copy or graphics.

AMX N2600 Series Encoder and Decoder – Final Animation

From micro to macro in the span of a single video. By building a whole “world” for this product to live in and depicting video and audio signals as color-coded orbs, this animation seeks to explain how signal is transferred from source device to users nearby or on the other side of the world. Only through the suspended reality available through animation are we able to visually depict something that usually goes unseen.