Why Pulse?

At Pulse we use a multi-phase approach to help our clients creatively solve problems. We look for solutions while simultaneously identifying unseen opportunities. Often the least mechanical product can require the most well-thought out design. Pulse Design Group offers a multitude of design services across many fields for companies who want design solutions with impact: product design, mechanical & electrical engineering, prototyping, branding, packaging, and UI.


We believe in learning about and summarizing the “big picture” as well as the individual consumer.

We craft engaging, multi-platform experiences in our Pulse studio. For our creative team to deliver that experience, we first engage in thoughtful research to provide the insight needed to begin the creation process. We are committed to exploring ever-changing market needs, cultural trends, and any opportunity to expose solutions that ultimately support end user needs.


Over 18 years of operation has built Pulse into a firm that prides itself on the consistent drive to innovate for our clients. Sound strategy and exceptional execution produce truly great products. These are trademarks of our team of veteran designers and engineers at Pulse.

From the initial design phase to prototype, production and beyond, we are ready to meet your program needs. Through traditional concept development, our methodology of two-dimensional concept sketching, rendering, and 3D Computer Aided Design build a product foundation.


We understand the goal of making your brand exactly what you want it to be – Whether your project is a physical product joining an established brand or an app in need of an original and new brand identity.

Clear communication of your brand and its values is a critical component to its success in today’s competitive marketplace. What message do you want your brand to evoke? What does your brand hold at its core? Our team will partner with you to craft an engaging brand for your audience, where indifference is not an option.


At Pulse we focus on precise deliverables throughout the design process. Our production capabilities include: 3d printing, castings, short run production, and working directly with contract manufacturers. We source the right design solution for your production needs.


Pulse wants to help your company create its ultimate presence in the market. As many of our clients know that no longer means only having the best designed product.  At Pulse we design across platforms to help you create a juggernaut brand.

Interaction design, with its focus on anything displayed on a screen in front of us and our ability to maneuver it, has become an integral part of our connected world. At Pulse, we specialize in qualifying and understanding how the physical object creates a user interface. Where design meets user. Where user meets product. It’s all about the experience.

Our Services

At Pulse we love the knowledge that each project is unique and different. With that in mind we tailor our services to the needs of each client to reach their particular goals. Click on each service to find out a little more about how we do what we do here at Pulse. To learn the most, reach out to us and we’ll craft a game plan of services unique to your project’s needs.

Ready to start your next project?

Strategy, technology and design are the cornerstones of developing strong user experiences that support your needs and strengthen your business.