Muse Design Awards 2023 ‘Gold Winner’ in Packaging.



The Idea

How High by Relivia Inc. is a luxury cannabinoid vape brand designed for the ultimate user experience.

In addition to developing the industrial design of the Premium Battery and 2 Gram Premium Pod for Relivia, Pulse was then tasked with telling the story of the products through packaging design. The full collection features the How High Premium Battery, the corresponding 2 Gram Premium Pod (available in a full range of flavors and strengths), larger 8 count packs of both products, as well as bulk packaging. All meticulously designed to convey an unparalleled vaping experience.

Featuring bold colors; navy, with its deep and rich tone adding sophistication to the design and bright persimmon, providing vibrant and eye-catching energy. This combination of  complementary, striking hues grabs attention and entices customers to explore the contents within. In an industry that highly values tactile design, How High products stand out in any dispensary.

Utilizing high-quality renderings of the products enhances the aesthetic, while also ensuring that customers have a clear understanding of the product they are about to indulge in. By wrapping the How High logo around the packaging we add an additional sense of depth. This approach elevates the overall design, making it visually stimulating from every angle.





Relivia Inc.

The How High Scale

The true innovation of the How High brand is the “How High Scale” featured on every Pod label. Much like the Wong-Baker Faces Pain Scale, this scale depicts faces that represent the varying degrees of effect one can expect from each blend of cannabinoids. This engaging feature allows customers to easily and clearly choose their desired outcome by providing transparency for both seasoned consumers and beginners alike.

Depictions of clouds serve as a subtle nod to the elevated experience awaiting users. This cohesive visual language strengthens the connection between the product and its desired result, contributing to an immersive and captivating overall design.

Come Experience The Difference

With its striking color scheme, informative visuals, playful How High Scale, and attention to detail, the How High line captivates users and invites them to embark on an unparalleled vaping experience.

Lastly, packaging within this space can often fall into one of two categories; hyper-masculine or starkly clinical/medicinal. With How High, Pulse wanted to present a third option, friendly, accessible, and happy. Because, after all, the core point of the cannabinoid space is to bring joy and relief to users.

How High Booklet

Meant to educate on potency and lifestyle uses, this booklet was designed with the user in mind. A valuable tool for both client and consumer alike, this booklet’s main goal is to familiarize the How High user with the ‘How High Scale’ so that they may use it to their advantage when choosing which strain they would like to indulge in.

How High User Manual

An instruction manual for the How High Premium Battery, this 3-panel printed booklet guides the user through their vaping experience. This manual is a great example of how printed material can be used as an extension of the brand.

How High Poster

This large-format poster, like the lifestyle booklet, is meant to educate on potency and lifestyle uses. Not only is this poster meant to familiarize the user with the ‘How High Scale’ but also introduces consumers to some of the available flavors they can indulge in.